Founded in 2017
Phoenix Crypto Fund - Active cryptocurrency margin trading
The dynamics of fund's growth on 10.01.19
19%per month
380%for 2017
43%for 3 months
402%for 2018
139%in six months
1594%for all time
The status of the Fund on 19.03.19
The capital of the Fund: $752,492
Revenue for 2019: $150,738
Phoenix Crypto Fund - the first cryptocurrency investment fund with decentralized management
The Fund does not charge trading fee and deposit / withdrawal of funds
Success fee only 15%
Withdrawals at any time and in any amount
Own token
Transparent activity of the fund, control of traders transactions
Stable monthly income due to insurance capital
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Special conditions for wealthy investors
Flexible terms of cooperation for club members
Trust management of investor's account
Possibility of independent choice of strategy
Personal consultation with the founder of the fund
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Investing in the Fund takes place through sending ETH
to the address below.
Attention! Do not send ETH from exchange account, you risk for lose Phi tokens!